Chinese tea ceremony

The first act of the ceremony is heating water for tea. The water is heated right at the place of tea drinking. Then the tea demonstration to the guests begins.

A portion of tea, measured for brewing, is poured into a special caddy, after which each participant of the ceremony inhales the aroma of tea twice and exhales it twice into the caddy. When inhaling, try to breathe as deeply as possible so that the smell reaches the very bottom of the lungs. Acquaintance with tea can also be limited to viewing it in "chahe" - a scoop.

After the dishes have been rinsed with hot water, there is “jicha in chahu” (pouring tea into the kettle). In no case should you touch the tea with your hands, so as not to "attach" extraneous odors to it. Then tea is poured with hot water (namely hot water from 60 ° C to 90 ° C, not boiling water).

The first pouring of tea ("sicha") is not brewing yet. She should not be allowed to insist, since she still goes to drain. Drinking cups ("chabei") are washed with the first infusion - tea is poured from cup to cup, and tall cups ("wensiabei", cups for inhaling the aroma of tea). The cups washing procedures are called shibei and shiwensiabei, respectively. During ablution, tea leaves begin to open slowly and emit aroma very actively - this is the participants' second acquaintance with tea. The aroma is again inhaled twice deeply and exhaled into the kettle (carefully - the fumes burn!) These are all preparatory measures, and now - the tea drinking itself.

The brewed tea is poured through a strainer into a jug, from which it is poured into tall cups "wensiabei" so that everyone has tea of ​​the same strength. To do this, tea is poured in parts - first by a quarter, then by another quarter and another. The remains are poured out.

Then the wensiabei are covered with chabei drinking cups like a lid. The cups are turned over so that the tea does not spill, and the chabei is at the bottom. The tall cups are removed and the tea ends up in the drinking cups. The tall cups concentrate the aroma that must be inhaled, according to tradition, by sticking your nose into the cup. And from a drinking cup they drink tea in small sips.

When the tea is drunk, the whole procedure is repeated anew, until the tea loses its taste and aroma.
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